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Your Way Through Our Custom Shop

You got the vision

You're done with buying the same stuff over and over again and never getting anywhere with your sound? Good! Frustration fuels creativity! What is it that you're searching for? Get clear about your vision!

We got the skills

Electric Roots is an artist owned brand for artists. We get you. We get, that you want to be anything but generic. All our pedals are hand crafted in Germany and profit from years of experience as musicians, pedal builders and artists.

Let's make it happen

Let's get your vision and our knowledge together and make this happen! How? Just get in touch with us by using the custom order request form below or hit us up with any questions you might have in our live chat.

There's no limit

  • Individual Projects: Let's find the perfect circuits so you can finally start tweaking and shaping your sound. Needless to say we can't go with generic here!
  • Mods: Get the most out of your pedal by adding clipping options, an additional low cut or by implementing filter adjustments.
  • Pedal Merging: Combine two circuits/pedals and save space on your pedalboard while increasing flexibility.
  • Vintage Replica: Jam with a hard to find vintage pedal replica and keep your original at home, far away from beer, thieves and other happy little accidents.


Have a look at what others got and get inspired for your own Electric Roots Custom Pedal.

The isolated gain stage of the most powerful distortion on the planet. Add this particular flavor to your sound without getting too fuzzy.
A classic mosfet boost that is hardly available in this pure form.
Two of the most famous overdrives and an effect order switch within one device. Enjoy endless sound shaping options!
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