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Iron Musk

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We proudly present to you the reincarnation of Electric Root’s very first own descendant: The Iron Musk! Built for Metal enthusiasts and other doomed souls, this massive low end Fuzz will take you on a ride to the snowy wastelands of Norway. Inspired by a grunting majestic Musk Ox we crossed path with on our trek to Snøhetta, this stomp box will likely tear apart everything you thought you knew about Fuzz Pedals.

Coming with a plain one knob design the Iron Musk serves sparkling highs, crushing mids and nasty massive lows. New old stock silicon transistors are what makes this solid fuzz circuit something you don’t come across every day. To witness our Iron Musk on full savage mode, all you need is a 9 V center negative power supply and the guts to face this untamed creature.


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1 review for Iron Musk

  1. Dave

    Love, love, love it! Works insanely well in front of my overdriven amp, but also in front of a clean amp. I’ve alwas wanted a Fuzz for those Doom / Stoner sounds and the Musk is just perfect for the job!

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