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Prepare to be transported to the darkest depths of hell with the ultimate weapon of sonic destruction. Our new Meatgrinder, a collab with with Ben from Soundfare, is a towering colossus of infernal power, bursting at the seams with malevolence and destruction. This new pedal series is packed with features that will deliver the perfect sound for you while keeping it simple. With endless sustain and a bone-rattling, soul-scorching tone, you’ll reign supreme over your instrument, unleashing an apocalyptic storm of sound with every strike of the strings.

Meatgrinder is the ultimate sound device for those who dwell in the realms of doom and death metal. It’s a savage beast packed with features that will unleash the perfect sound for you. The circuit has been improved to provide a massive amount of headroom. This gives you more clarity and offers professional gainstaging that is used by well known producers all over the world

So, what are you waiting for? Get your PCB and become part of this insane project. All you have to do is to hit that checkout button!


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