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Lilith v2

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The second reincarnation we’re really proud of is our Lilith v2. Intentionally built for guitarists, this pedal became quite famous among bassists around the globe. Lilith v2 is now equipped with a wet/dry adjustment and an effects loop with switchable jacks for maximum flexibility. That means you can plug in your favorite pedal for parallel signal paths or just use the internal clean blend to maintain clarity and low-end.

  • wet/dry setup (parallel signal paths or clean blend)
  • phase switch (flips phase 180 degrees)
  • 3 way clipping switch
  • internal hard clipping dip switch

All you need is a 9 V center negative power supply


Lilith v2 is available on backorder!

Available on backorder

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2 reviews for Lilith v2

  1. Christian

    Review for Bass:
    The Lilith v2 is, by being simplistic yet super versatile, simply one of the best sounding distortion pedals you can get out in the deep sea of thousand distortions. From crunchy choclate chips to full blown chainsaw -> everything is possible! \m/
    love it to death 😀

  2. Jürgen

    Habe das Lilith nun seit einem Jahr auf dem Board und das sagt eigentlich schon alles. Hammer Teil, geht von zart bis hart und durch den fx Loop kann man quasi unendlich viel am Sound feilen. Würde ich jedem Gitarristen sehr ans Herz legen.

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